Water Pouch Packing Machine in India

Water Pouch Packing Machine in India

Atex RO systems Pvt Ltd company is known for one of the best water pouch packing machine manufacturers in India. We supply our products in a high profile area.

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We are a leading Automatic water pouch packaging machine suppliers in India mostly in industrial areas. Sealing is done by the heat process. The self-textured heat sealing band tightly heats the plastic pouch seals. This is a fully automatic machine. In India, we are providing the best range of water pouch packing machines with a high-speed liquid machine sunflex-ls-400. We assured customers that we delivered our products in time and cost-effective service. 

Product design:

Our Water Pouch Packing Machine price in India is affordable. Our employers are highly qualified and dynamic, who designed products on their own with the help of automatic water pouch machines. We are having vast experience in the field of packaging. 

Technical Details of Water Pouch packing machine: 

  1. Sealing Type: 3/4 sealing on the side 
  2. Width of Roll: Min 80 mm Max. 200 millimetres 
  3. Main Motor: 1/2 H.P. 3 Process Phase 
  4. Heater Load:1 KW Heater Load: 
  5. Machine Speed:50 pouch/min (Depending on the pouch size no)
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HIgh Speed Water Pouch Packing Machine

Sealing Ty 3/4 side sealing
Roll Width Min 80 mm Max. 200 mm
Main motor 1/2 H.P.
Heater Load 3 Phase
Machine Speed 1 KW

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Mineral water pouch packing machine

Width 50
Length 90
Height 175-200
Capacity 100ml-1000ml

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